best products to Dropship 2019

best products to Dropship 2018:

Anyone starting a new drop shipping business has at some point asked themselves what they should sell.

It’s one of the biggest concerns for new drop shippers, and some might jump to the assumption that you need to find trending products to succeed.

This isn’t necessarily true.

Trending products can definitely help you on your journey, but they won’t decide the fate of your business alone.

Here are some requirements to look out for in a good drop shipping product:

Now that we have the framework for picking our products, it’s time to decide what we are going to sell.

Instead of doing all the hard work myself, I simply get products customers are already buying every day already set up for me in a dropshipping store.

Product research and ordering sample products from Aliexpress to check the quality of the products can take a long time, the time we should be spending on our marketing campaigns. I browse Dropship Market for a Niche I am interested in and get the Store Starter, I will receive my store fully set up with the top-selling products of in that niche within 24hours.

My advice would be to sell products with an existing market, then find a specific type of that product people love and build your brand around that.

For example – say we decide to sell makeup brushes, there are thousands of different types of makeup brushes, but we can narrow our focus to the fairytale-themed makeup brushes.

The makeup brush will always be in high demand, it’s the one thing a lady must have in her beauty arsenal and with the current spike in the social media sensation for Unicorn & Rainbow themed Makeup brushes. Focusing our drop shipping business around fairytale themed makeup brushes would greatly increase our advantage because we can now focus our brand and marketing campaigns on more targeted customers who not only need makeup brushes but would love fairytale themed makeup brushes.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want a set of magical makeup brushes in their beauty arsenal? A company like Unicorn Cosmetics has even built a 7-figure business around it.

Here is a quick dropshipping product breakdown

Product: Red Glitter Unicorn Brushes

Sale price: $28.99 (including shipping.

Here is a screenshot of the product from Aliexpress

Here’s a picture of the same product with improved photography and title – Red Glitter Unicorn Brushes

You can buy the exact same product for $4.99 including shipping.

It gets drop shipped from China to anywhere in the world.

Let’s look at the math:

This means we can spend anywhere up to $24.00 to bring in a new customer.

We can do the same with Sunglasses and narrow down to aviation sunglasses Or narrow down wristwatches to wooden wrist watches.

We can do this with just about any major niche. One of the best advice I ever received is –

Don’t try to re-invent the wheel.

Pick a product that has an obvious demand and narrow it down to a type of that product people love and are buying every day.

If done right, this significantly reduces your competition and significantly increases your chances of being successful because you are selling to an already existing market

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