Complete Guide Google Penguin Update 2019 All Questions Answered

This blog contain Complete Guide to the Google Penguin Algorithm Update 2019 and all the questions are answered at the end.What is Google Penguin update? How do we know website hit by penguin.

What is the Google Penguin update?

•Update of the algorithm of the search engine Google

• The Penguin update goal is to remove spam and manipulated websites from Google’s search results.

• Link based demotion Off Page

•A machine based (algorithmic) demotion

Google Update and Release Dates

How can I find out if Google Penguin hit me?

  1. Website traffic dropped suddenly and significantly.


2. Sudden loss of visibility

3. Sudden loss of rankings


FAQ on what to do and don`t when hit by Penguin:

Remove links if I got  hit by Penguin?
NO, you can also disavow your bad links but as it is unclear how Google will treat
disavow files in the future, we recommend to remove bad links if possible (although  me and money consuming!)
Do I have to remove links if I  got it by Penguin?
Further, it may be possible that other  search engines  develop similar algorithms.Logically,your bad links can have a negative effect of your rankings in other search engine (keep in mind,The disavow file is only valid for Google!)

If I got hit by Penguin,do I have to submit a reconsideration request?
NO. You can only send a reconsideration request in Webmaster Tools if you got hit
by a manual penalty.(Google changed this procedure about 1,5 Years ago).

How long does it take to get my rankings back after got hit by Penguin?
If you did a good job in the Penguin recovery process you will get your rankings
back right the release of the next Penguin update or refresh.
Do I have to check no-­follow links as well?
According to Google, no-­follow links don’t affect a website’s  ranking. If you have
a very high number of  unnatural no-follow links or other unnatural link [email protected]
which involve many no‐follow links,I strongly recommend to check your no-‐follow
links as well.( It seems that no-follow links don’t transfer power but trust, e.g. Wikipedia links).
Can I remove links from the disavow tile?
YES.Of course you can change the content  of your disavow file as much as you
want.You can add or remove links but keep in mind that it may take  some weeks
or even longer to see some effects.Also make sure that the links added/removed to/from the disavow file get crawled again (ping them!) .

Should I disavow links on page or domain level?
In most cases I’d disavow on domain level as it is not very likely to have bad and
also good links from the same domain. Exceptions: If  links are from subdomain, subdomain and so on. Then you should disavow on page level!

What kind of websites are at risk to get hit by Penguin?

Every website can loose its rankings as a result of Penguin. So also your website and
business could be at risk!







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