11 Platforms available to create a free website or a blog easily!

11 Platforms available to create a free website or blog easily.

1 “WIX is one of the platforms to create a free website that is growing more at the moment worldwide”



WIX create a free website at Website builder Expert .Choose stunning template and customize anything with the Wix website builder—no coding skills needed.

It has a modern interface, attractive and compatible with the HTML language. In addition, thanks to its intuitive WIX drag-and-drop editor system, it will allow us to easily design a more personalized web. It also has a large collection of templates in different categories to choose from. With this platform you can easily design a free website, a personal or professional blog and an online store. Its free version has a limitation of 500 MB of storage space, a bandwidth of 1G, compatibility function with Google Analytics and 24-hour customer service. Services that you can extend with your Premium version.


Site123 create free website

site123 create a free website with no design or coding skills

It is an interesting platform to create a free website blog or optimized both by design and even Seo level. The design of each web or blog in Site123 is done through an interface that is simple, responsive, multi-functional and flexible. It is not necessary to have technical or code knowledge, nor is there any need to install any other complicated software to use, all you are going to have to use is in its intuitive interface. Thus, Site123 is responsive, compatible with any type of device and screen size making it easy for any user to search and find articles or businesses globally or locally.  Site123 is considered by many as the fastest, easiest and most user-friendly platform on the market to create a free website or blog

In addition, if you want a unique and professional page with its own domain, unlimited pages, increased storage and bandwidth offer a Pro plan focused on professionals such as bloggers, photographers and entrepreneurs with a very competitive price. They have professional ‘real’ 24/7 support, in addition to some features and designs really achieved. In short, with this platform you can have your website published in a matter of minutes, as long as you have clear the idea and needs that your business has before starting to create your web or blog.


Jimdo create free website

Jimdo create a free website in just a few clicks with Jimdo’s quick and easy website builder.

Jimdo allows us to create a free website with a storage capacity of less than 500 MB and a very friendly interface with any type of mobile device or computer (also has a mobile application for Android and IOS). This platform also gives us the opportunity to make a personal blog or an online store, but with some limitations you can improve on your two payment versions. It is compatible with HTML language. So if you have some basic knowledge on the subject, in Jimdo you can make small design changes in your templates (or include custom widgets).



WordPress  create blog on WordPress.com. Choose WordPress.com for an all-in-one solution for blog, including all the WordPress plugins and themes

If you are thinking of a platform that can give you very good services without cost, which you can expand with some payment options or if you want to migrate to your own accommodation with almost no problems, your main choice maybe should be WordPress.com: Create a free website or blog.

The free platform owned by the company Automattic (WordPress.com: Create a website or blog), is one of the best ways to create a website or make a blog in a very simple, agile and economical way. Although it has some major limitations compared to its older brother ( WordPress.org ), this free hosting platform has different plans that can grow in line with your needs.

Main advantages of creating a free blog or a free website with WordPress.com: Create a website or blog:

It is one of the platforms to make a blog or free website that more users have in the world (+ 50,000 every day … from small business sites, personal blogs or prestigious artists to media such as TIME and CNN).


Weebly create a free website

Weebly create a free website builder makes it easy to build a website, blog, or online store

This is an Online platform that offers millions of businesses an easy and affordable way to have a web or blog tailored to each one of them. By creating a free website with Weebly an entrepreneur can count on an Internet branch of their own business, communicate with their clients, publish their achievements and explain their best personal and professional qualities to their potential audience. This platform gives us the possibility of having a site, blog or online store that works correctly in all browsers and in different mobile phones and tablets.


imcreator create a free website

IM Creator   is a new way to create a free website.Use imcreator for free website templates.

This platform has a fairly intuitive and simple drag-and-drop process to create a free blog or a web page almost to measure. Like other tools for building free web sites, IMCreator offers 50MB of storage with its initial package and an updated collection of templates with simple, modern and creative designs. As in the previous option, IMCreator is also compatible with all browsers and perfectly visible on mobile devices.


websitebuilder create a free website

Create a free website with Websitebuilder.com. Choose from thousands of templates to create a stunning website in minutes. Get free domain name included.

WebsiteBuilder will allow us to create a free website or blog with a simple, yet quite professional appearance. One of the main advantages of this platform is that it has a large collection of hundreds of templates (with several very popular categories). As in all cases, it offers a drag-and-drop editor that lets us not have to have advanced knowledge of HTML or CSS to design our site.

Yola.com Make free website

Yola create a free website

Yola create a free website with sub-domain

 This platform offers one of the most comprehensive and complete free packages on the market. With Yola we will be able to create a free blog or up to three free web pages with the same account, store up to 1GB and use a bandwidth of 1GB. It also offers free banners, customer service, statistics … And as in all cases, a free sub-domain and multiple services in their paid versions.


Webnode create a free website

Webnode create a free website easily with several tools

This tool is ideal for creating a free web page easily and quickly (you can buy and use your own domain name or a free subdomain). You have several tools that will help you to have a better presence on the Internet. Thanks to the variety of content editing functions, your creativity will not be limited. And nothing will be left to chance, because you have a complete panel of analytics. Webnode also offers free versions to make a personal blog and design an online store.

All cases have similar limitations, such as 1GB bandwidth and storage space from 10 to 100MB, which is a bit lacking.

10 Webs.com

Webs create a free website

Webs create a free website professionally designed template

Anyone can create a free website with Create a Free Website on Webs. Better Websites Made Simple. in a simple way. It has a free package that includes a blog and website adapted to the mobile, 500 MB of bandwidth and a storage space of 40 MB (which is very scarce, but enough to begin with). Over time, if we decide to continue with this platform, it allows us to scale to different payment plans that will give us the possibility to expand the services and features of our account.

11 Blogger.com

blogger create free blog

Blogger create unique free blog

This is the platform to design your free Blog owned by Google. In Blogger you have many different templates to configure your blog in a very simple way. If you prefer, and you have some basic programming skills, you can also make a free blog that is totally original. This tool allows you to edit CSS and HTML. Also, if you use Blogger.com – Create a unique and beautiful blog. It’s easy and free.for a Brand or business, you can change the subdomain they offer you by default and put one of your own.

Being owned by the big “G”, it is also SEO friendly. Although only for that reason, do not think that you will receive any extra or additional advantage in the positioning of your blog.

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