How can i earn money from my website

We can earn million of dollar through website.I have seen lots of peoples who are earning money full time through website.These are ways you can earn money online.My favourite is Affiliate marketing.

1. Affiliate marketing
An easy method that is promising earn a lot of cash. Internet affiliate marketing is about attempting to sell someone product that is else  get up to 50% associated with price of that item. Your revenue might rely on the quality of this product you are selling. You can find web sites like Clickbank ,Commission junction etc you can examine away .I have affiliate marketing with web hosting company.You can see ads in the landing page related to web hosting.When someone clicks on these ads,I will be getting some money in my account.

2. E-mail Marketing
Building a message list will get you a complete fortune. You will then be able to drive traffic to your site helping to make you cash through other techniques when you yourself have a large email list. You’ll send e-mails to listed email ids to let them know about your product that is latest and solutions.
The bonus that is primary of advertising is you are able to deliver your services and products directly within the inbox of your client.
The ultimate way to produce a message list would be to set a signup form up at your website and deliver free reports to inbox of peoples to make sure you get more signups.
You will need to register an Aweber account and start getting email id’s of individuals with the addition of a choice in your page a subscription for the blog updates.
Twist is here that you could your customers the provides and product reviews in e-mail with affiliate link from clickbank etc
another twist 🙂 you may also offer your e-mail list to others and can make a amount that is handsome of .

3) Sell Ad Space Directly
This is a market that is big well with lots of choices. You are able to contact people entirely on your or make use of an ad manager/network to aid. Here’s only one option:

4) PPC Contextual Ad Networks
These are systems like Google Adsense which have adverts exhibited on the basis of the content of your site. Typically you shall receive money per click from these types of contextual sites. Here are a few (there tend many many more):
1. Google Adsense
2. (now manages both the Yahoo and Bing advertising systems)
3. Infolinks
4. Kontera
5. Vibrant Media
6. GumGum (In-image adverts)
7. Chitika
8. (both eCPM and pay per click).

5) CPM Advertising Networks

Instead of spending on a per click basis, these ad companies pay on a per view basis (usually a buck amount according to 1000 pageviews). These types of networks require you have visitor that is large to be approved for their system; therefore many of these won’t work with a smaller niche websites.
9. ValueClick Media
10. Tribal Fusion (500,000 visitors being unique month required).
11. Adbrite (update – Adbrite is shutting its doors on Feb. 1st 2013).
12. Casale Media
15. (component of AOL)
16. Burst Media (25,000 monthly web page views)
17. CPX Interactive
18. Technorati Media
There are a TON more CPM ad sites out there, this is only a sample that is small. You’ll want to find one that fits your niche or is best suited for your website.

6.Sell Text Links
Clearly this won’t be suitable for everyone and think about that is numerous. But there’s a marketplace that is huge. Here’s merely a places that are few can offer links:
48. Text-Link-Ads
50. Digital Aim Forum
51. Warrior Forum


You can even ask politely your vistors to aid your internet site grow by donating
some cash or even gifts .

There are a a lot of other method to earn money with a internet site you just require pick up one master and thing it .You will earn a lot .

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All the best for future .

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