how to increase blog traffic for free

how to increase blog traffic for free

Increase the blog traffic is very easy.If you increase the blog traffic you be more rich than Saudi prince.Here are the ways to increase increase blog traffic for free.

The search engines are the biggest traffic drivers on the internet. People have become accustomed to using Google as the first stop in the browser, typing what they want and hoping to find it without problems. This is a valuable opportunity for anyone who works with websites because having a good relationship with Google’s search algorithm, it can enjoy a good flow of visitors.

However, it is not enough for a website to simply exist to gain positions in Google rankings. For this, one must adopt good SEO practices ( search engine optimization ). Here are 4 tips to improve your site’s position on Google using SEO :

1.Meta tags correct

When Google scans the web for content, it does its best to extract the correct information from each page and organize it among its search results. Except that your site can facilitate this work and deliver more accurate and strategic data: just fill the meta tags correctly . They are special entries in the HTML code of the pages of your site, where they are title, description and keywords . Among good SEO practices , it is essential to cite just how accurate and assertive use of correct meta tags helps to rank and rank the page well in search engines, such as the Google mechanism. This summary that appears on the answers page is crucial for the user to access the page. Here’s how to set it up:


Be persuasive, thought-provoking and inviting, but never a liar. Offer, with enough quality and a lot of sincerity, part of the content that the visitor will find when accessing the page and invite you to know the subject in full via the link. Nothing worse for the web surfer than when he accesses a page that has nothing to do with the subject searched.


Meta tags should be straightforward, objective, clear and not extensive. Although each browser varies slightly, it is generally recommended that the meta tag has no more than 153 characters, as this does not run the risk of having some of the content deleted in indexing the page of responses.

2.Quality Content

Despite all the optimizations that exist, the essential thing is to have quality content that captures the reader’s attention and is legitimately shareable. More and more Google is trying to bring better quality content to its users, so the best way to grow in the ranking is to offer just that. Content Marketing has come to help optimize pages and texts. Here are two tips on how to use this integrated SEO strategy and position yourself better:


Keywords are responsible for telling searchers what each text is about. It is through this analysis that sites like Google and Yahoo classify the pages and present them to the Internet user. The density should be maintained around 2% to 5% of the total words for the mechanisms to understand and classify.


Another way used by Google when classifying content is through the use of bold and italics. The keyword must appear, at least once, in bold, to get the searcher’s attention. It is worth remembering, however, that the excess use of these resources can have a totally opposite impact to the desired one.

3.Appropriate styles and tags

In order for Google to be able to scan your site successfully and give it the right position among search results, it needs to fit some standards. The main one is the formatting, using tags like h1, h2, strong, etc. Do not change the text style directly on the page, use a style sheet (CSS) for this and the correct tags of the pattern. In dealing with the best SEO techniques , one practice that should always be used is the use of the titles H1, H2, H3, etc. in the text. Title tags, or title tags, are extremely important in the composition of a page, and should be applied in a logical order provided by Word itself. See more tips:


The keyword must be repeated over the content, right? But instead of writing it countless times without strategy, know exactly where to position it. For example, in the title h1. It is very important that the word in focus be in this composition, since it will attract more the attention of the search engines. Also repeat it in the other tags when it fits.


Did you create an interesting title for your content and put the keyword in it? Great! Now it’s time to invest in new creations! Never repeat this same tag on different pages; this can confuse the search engine, in addition to decreasing the reliability of Google on your site.

4.Generate attractive links

Have you ever entered a site where the URL generates a number of poorly understood terms and codes? Instead, configure your management system to use user- friendly URLs that are easily read by viewers, such as: http://your-domain This will make the link more accessible and up the Google rankings. Another of the SEO techniques is to work on generating good URL links to improve the positioning. Look:


No meaningless URLs with numbers and codes that do not make any sense to your visitor. Always edit the link and put the keyword in it so that Google, like other engines, will better rank the page in organic results, optimizing and improving its traffic.


Another important point when it comes to creating attractive and strategically thoughtful links within SEO is the separation of the words from the URL per hyphen. This makes it much easier to read the code, and engine robots will find your site much faster this way, allowing your page to rank in results. 🙂

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