how to make money with a blog for beginners

How to make money with a blog for beginners

You do not need coding if you use wordpress. Of course you will have some limitations if you need something too special. But with creativity you could accomplish almost everything.

If you just want to write and publish. Even make money. The community have a lot of free and paid resources ready to use.

Buy a domain name and a hosting (a cheap one could be good for start)

If you don`t have website budget, you can get free web hosting on 000Webhost

You can use a hosting for start (20-50€ year). And about the server, it can be upload in one VPS ( i recommended Mammuts VPS ) Price start at 10 $ month. But that is once you have visitors, not before.

At illustraStock we use WordPress and it works great for us. Maybe is not good enough for the future, but good for a litle one Microstock or for Prototypes.

You can star by one free but at the end, the free is expensive. If somebody spend hours want to get money for the work. Free themes are fine some times, but have really big limitations. First think about what you need, and then spend some money buying one good theme (also 50$ is not too much money).

Maybe you could use two themes (one installation for bloggin and the other for make money selling somthing). We use Marketify with EDD. Quite the best way to sell digital products like amazon at low cost.

That is for the web site, also you will need some extra plugins for increase the functionalities and security. Most of the plugins are free. Or you can use the free version.

Donwload and install. Create two wordpress installations. One for work and other for testing (you should test a lot, and you will broken the site a lot, better in a safe place).

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