tips for starting a WordPress blog?

tips for starting a WordPress blog?

Steps before you start blog writing:

  1. Discover your passion/interest
  2. Open your laptop and get started.

Before I get to that, however, I think I need to clarify that WordPress offers two different solutions for bloggers. The first (and less desirable) option is WordPress .com platform. It’s a free platform such as Blogger or Tumblr, for example, and unless you pay for the premium price, you cannot use your own domain. This platform also has a lot of restrictions even after you have purchased the premium plan. That said, I really am clueless as to why people still keep using it…

Now, the second solution is a self-hosted solution and often referred to as the WordPress .org platform. This is the method I advise to all my clients as a WordPress designer and developer, and here are the steps:

If you don’t have web hosting budget you can get free web hosting from 000webhost.But I would personally recommend you to go for Host Gator.

WPEngine is also a great platform for hosting, but I love Host Gator customer service, and will continue to sing its praises for that alone!

Last but not the least- Get Started! Start posting blogs- start with one blog a week, progress as you continue. In case you are uncertain of what type of a blogger should you be, keeping in mind your daily routine- head over to our article (link of the article)

Writing articles in pointers like “10 things you should………” or “5 places………….”etc. add preciseness to the blog and make it more engaging. The takeaways for the viewers become very obvious. If you want your blog to rank higher in the search engines, right content+ catchy images+ a bit of personal touch always does the magic.

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